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Khan Hentii Nationalpark


Khan Khentii National Park represents the taiga in Central Asian little forested region. It includes 12271qkm surface. There are over 800 graves in here. Khan Khentii Mountains is one of the mountains, where large ceremonial sacrifice takes place. Since 1818, ceremonial sacrifice was carried out in these mountains. Since 1992 it is under State protection. Khan Khentii National Park was registered in 1996 in the world cultural heritage. The area is not a little destroyed by human activities. Fauna and flora are similar to Siberian. The Tuul river rises here from the Hagiin Khar Nuur.

The area is ideal for fishing, horse trek, trekking and fotography.

The National Park Khan Khentii is located in 290km from Ulaanbaatar, 90 km from Mungunmorit Sum.

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