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Hatgal Sum


Hatgal (Mongolian: Хатгал) is a village in Mongolia on the southern tip of Lake Huvsgul. Hatgal has an airstrip and a small port, plus a school and a post/telecom office.

The town had about 7000 inhabitants and a power plant in 1990, but the dry-up of transport routes and the closure of a local wool factory have led to high migration rates, leaving only 2,796 (December 31, 2006[1]) inhabitants. Hatgal also lost its status as a town and is now administratively part of Alag-Erdene Sum. In 2007, Hatgal was connected to the Mongolian central power grid and to cell phone services.

Since Hatgal is a good jump-off point for the many small ger camps along the West coast of Lake Huvsgul, tourism is now one of the main branches of the local economy. In 2007, a new airport building was completed.

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