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Huvsgul lake National Park


Lake Huvsgul is Mongolia's deepest and second largest largest lake. Lake Huvsgul is 136 km long, water beneath 100 meters & 36 km wide, 262 meters deep and is located at an altitude of 1645 m above sea level. The outflow from Huvsgul Lake drains into the Eg River, wihch flows then through Selenge River and finally reaches Lake Baikal in Siberia. Huvsgul Lake lies as Blue Pearl of Mongolia within boundaries of the Huvsgul National Park among beautiful forested mountains with  millions of evergreen trees, lofty mountain peaks, trout filled streams and lakes, and dense pine forests, meadows blanketed with flowers and air filled with songs of different birds.  Untouched by industry and modern urban life, the Huvsgul Lake’s water is unbelievably clean, which  contains two percent of world's fresh water resources. This is a place in Mongolia where you can get sense of total unspoiled wilderness. Taiga Fauna and Flora, lifestyle of Tsaatan people, breeder of reindeer, are the main attractions for tourist. The area is paradise for outdoor travelers and there are plenty of room for activities like hiking, birding, fishing, horseback travel and kayaking. Lake Huvsgul National  Park is on the important migration route for birds from Siberia , thus facilitating marvelous opportunities for bird watching.

It is situated  about 700 km far from Ulaanbaatar. Flights to there takes approximately 1h. Driving 2 days.

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