Travel in the jurassic park and watch the tracks of dino's.

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Jurassic park Bayanzag


Bayanzag is an oasis of tropical Saxaulwald next to a dinosaur cemetry. Leaded by Roy Chapman Andrews Ameracan scientists were led here by excavations, founded numerious priceless relics, fossils and skeletons of dinosaurs. The giant  skeletons from the fighting  dinosaur have been immortalized as the key finding of the area at the Natural History Museum in Ulaanbaatar. The area has received through its paleontological finds the paleontological name "Flamming cliffs".  Even nowadays it is possible to explore more. There were founded 10 kinds of dinosaurs 8 were found from Mongolia. It is beautiful area for hiking, camel expedition and photography.

It is about 315km away from Ulaanbaatar. A ride takes one day.

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