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Khustai National Park


Khustain Nuruu National Park (Mongolian: Хустайн нуруу, Birch Mountains), is a national park of Mongolia. It is also known as Hustai National Park.

The Tuul River runs through the park. The Hustai National Park Trust (HNPT) was established in 2003 and since that time, the HNPT has been responsible for running the park in conjunction with the Mongolian Ministry of Nature and Environment (MNE). For over 50,000 hectars of the Khustain Nuruu area after significant scientific field researches into the area was upgraded to a national park in 1998. In the area of Hustai National Park is a collection of man stone's belonging to 6-8. th century.

The National Park area is ideal for hiking, ornithology, wild watching, horseriding, camelriding and photography.

Khustai National Park is 2 hours driving away from Ulaanbaatar and 110km.

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