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FAQ.jpgGrand Altai Montain LLC offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions about mongolia, travel, and our service. Click on a subject heading below to view questions and answers relating to your selection. Should you have any further questions, please consult via

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How do I come into Mongolia?

From Moscow, Berlin, Peking or Seoul you have direct flights into Mongolia. The trans mongolian railway makes next entry into Mongolia. With permission it is possible to be entered with own vehicle. In the summer additionally flights are offered to Hong Kong, Singapore and Osaka.

Visas? What is necessary?

Your passport has a expiration date at least 6 months still and you need visas. Visas you get issued of mongolian ambassador in your country. Visas for a month is available on border crossing.

Which accommodations can I use?

In Ulaanbaatar there are dozens of hotels. In addition you can have overnight stay at apartments and guesthouse"s. By the journey in the country there are overnight accommodations in the traditional Ger or in the tent.

How about the weather in Mongolia?

In Mongolia prevails extreme continental climate, which distinguishes by severe winters and short warm summer. The transition periods are short and last rarely longer than four to five weeks. Starting from in the middle of April becomes it warmly, and starting from middle and/or end of May reach day time temperatures on average over 10 degrees Celsius. At the night can be counted on scarcely over zero degrees Celsius, but it is still relatively cool. The time between in the middle of June and middle of August is the most beautiful season, with much sunshine and little rain. In Gobi is a little different and September is a nice time. The daytime temperature averages 28 to 30 degrees Celsius; at the night it cools down on mild 15 degrees Celsius. In the middle of August begins the rain time. Already in the first half from September it comes at night to frost, although the daytime temperatures amount to on average +10 - +15 degrees Celsius.

How is the meal?

Muttons, rice and noodles are main part of the mongolian meal. In addition there are plentiful different foods offered from all over the world in Ulaanbaatar. If you have special desires, you should inform us us before, so that we consider it. For example, if you eat vegetarian or differently.

How do I make payment in Mongolia?

The currency in the Mongolia is the Tugrug. Official rate of exchange:

The US Dollar is an usual currency. From there is recommended taking US Dollar in cash. You can also at any time assign our coworker, who takes you to the currency exchange or bank in Ulaanbaatar. Dollar notes, which are not older than 1990, are not accepted. The funds return in restaurants and shop are usually in Tugrug. Credit cards are hardly accepted in the Mongolia (exception: various tourist fashion shops in the capital). We recommend to everyone of our visitors to exchange as much money as you intends for the stay to spend, shortly after your arrival. The EURO became beside the dollar generally in such a way surprisingly accepted, popular currency. Therefore we recommend to everyone of our visitors from the Euro zone to bring euros.

How fit to be, if you want to make a riding route (biking, camelback, horseback)?

The daily distances on the average 20-35 km depending on area. Therefore you must be able to ride at least 3-6 hours on horses and/or to drive bike. If you are not exercised in riding and/or have little experience, the travel routes can be accordingly modified and shortened. For this reason also riding beginners are welcome and can make own distances separately from the exercised riders .

What should I bring with?

Thin warm light clothes and a hat as protection of sun, rain and wind are recommendable. Insect protection, suncreme, water cleaner tablets and all camera parts are to have with. If you want to tent, you need a high quality tent, mattresses, sleeping bags and cook plants also, everything are possible to be buy here in Ulaanbaatar. If they participate in a riding route, it is important that its jacket in the wind not strongly 'fickle'; otherwise exists the danger that the horse frightens. Outdoor boots are also indispensable. With the selection of your clothes you have attention also to the colors: dark, remarkable colors are suitable, because horses in mongolia react to sharp, remarkable colors very extremely. Your luggage, which you carry forward on the route, should be small, easy and compact. You don't need also too much clothes.

When is the best time for a travel to Mongolia?

From May to Septembers the best time is celebration of the Naadam in July. Between July and August are the heaviest-rainfall time, we don't miss nevertheless pretty sunny days.

Am I received at the airport and where am I accommodated?

You are cared from our coworkers and travel companions between your arrival and your departure at the airport. On your arrival we give detailed documentation about travel process, speaking partner and other organizational and content wise information to you .


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