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Over 10 000 km long distance covered by horse

2015-01-09 11:24:46

The team of young men who crossed Mongolia on horseback returned home safely last week after six-month journey. Five brave riders -students from the Mongolian State University began their journey hoping to preserve the equestrian culture of Mongolians, promote nomadic customs and improve horse travels.
The riders traversed 10 394 kilometers across 88 soums and 15 provinces of Mongolia. During their journey they have changed as many as 88 horses to ride.
Member of Parliament Mr Battulga has donated 60 million tugrics to the riders when they started their journey on May 9 with 13 horses at the Ovoot border checkpoint. The journey was initiated and organized by “Moriton Mongol Zaluus” NGO.
One of the riders-ETV’s journalist Mr Natsagdoo highlighted “I met many mongolian young people talking about travelling abroad. But I want to recommend that they travel their home country first. Mongolia is a great country with magnificent history, culture and nature”.

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