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 Anthony Wells

Anthony Wells said on July 28, 2008


Slightly concerned beforehand about the degree of difficulty being recently retired and not having trekked previously. Happily we had no problems thanks to the sensible pace of our guide Naransukh. What was the most inspirational moment of your trip? The scenery was quite spectacular, very wild and unspoilt and unlike any we have seen before. Our herders and cooks were amazingly cheerful, hardworking and considerate. Their wonderful singing around the campfire on their final night was something we will never forget. What did you think of your group leader? Naransukh, ably assisted by Uranchimeg was a very competent leader who was clearly conscious of our safety at all times. They were also excellent company, joining in our banter at meal-times. Do you have any advice for potential travelers? 1. Learn a few English folk songs. 2.Take an air mat for sleeping not just a foam roll. 3. Packets of dried fruit and nuts would be good gifts to give to the local herders when visiting their Gers. Is there anything else you would like to add? We cannot stop viewing our photos, but are also enjoying looking at those taken by the rest of our party, which help us to relive the pleasures of our trip.

David Derbyshire

David Derbyshire said on July 28, 2008


Mongolia is a vast country with little natural resources. It is not just flat land, there is a large mountainous region. As the population is so small with so little industry. The sky's are absolutely crystal clear at night I cannot put into words the beauty of the shooting stars and the night sky. That is really one of the things you have to see to appreciate. The cities and towns, please expect very little and you will not be dissapointed. Once into the country itself. I am sure you will be absolutely charmed by the people, the sheer vastness of the countryside, its beauty and the whole experience. What was the most inspirational moment of your trip? 1. Climbing up to the base of the Glacier on one of the mountains. The herders and the people just love to speak to you, challenge you and respond incredibly if you make the effort to return in kind. One of the herders raced us up. Getting there together was a moment I will not forget. Especially when we then both turned around and looked back, to see three horses being ridden at full tilt up the rock face by the men of the last family we had visited. They where coming up just for the fun of it, to have a laugh and joke with us. 2. To stand out in the middle of the night and just look at the night sky. I can't even attempt to describe this. you are just going to have to go and see it for yourself. 3. Being challenged by the herdsman to a spot of mongolian wrestling. Tremendous fun. ( But please don't even think you stand a chance with these guys.) 4. Riding one of their horses one the last day of trekking. Again tremendous. They look after their animals so well and they are in such good condition. The animals though like the people have incredible spirit. Don't do it if you are'nt totaly happy. What did you think of your group leader? Good. There where two with us one struggled a little with his English, but nothing we couldn't cope with. Do you have any advice for potential travelers? Things to take with you! If you want to wash any clothes at all. A length of washing or tent line to hang them on. Every one takes things for the local kids. Books crayons sweets etc. The men folk in these parts like a drink. You will be the most popular person in town if you take along a few miniature bottles of whisky to give in return. Every possible combination of weather clothing in the space of an hour you can be sun burnt, blown over, drenched, snowed or hailed on. In general though we where incredibly lucky with the weather and the sun block was the most used. Is there anything else you would like to add? This I really think is a one off trip of a life time to see a vast and beautiful country. There are no roads, no planes in the sky. The people move with their animals, there are no buildings of any note at all and no facilities.

 Thomas Farebrother

Thomas Farebrother said on July 26, 2010


Terelj national park is a short drive from Ulan Bator and is well worth a visit. I had a very good guide who spoke fluent German and good English, and a driver. If you want information on hiring a guide/driver and on possible itineries, drop me a line. Alternatively, you can email him direct for quotes on different itineries at: naransukh@explore-mongolia.com Visit a Nomadic family, ride through wide open valleys, see Terelj's bizarre rock formations (the photo is of Turtle Rock).

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