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The high plateau in the west the mountains such as Munkh Khairkhan, Kharkhiraa, Turgen, northern high plateau the Horidol Saridag and Lake Huvsgul are preferential places for fanatical trekkers. Also the other Nationalparks are popular places for simple hiking. The walking possibilities are never limited. We arrange trekking in the selected beautiful places and with many attractions in the western and  northern Mongolia. Our trekking places go through pictorial landscape. Also the everyday life of Nomads and accidental way-crossing of wild animals make your  trekking journey more interesting. In the mentioned regions you will explore the variety of an impressing landscape during the trekking. We walk through close ravines, river valleys, mountains hills, grass steppes, forests and gentle meadows, and explore thereby wonderful mountains, lakes and unforgettable sunset. Our journey will not lose the culture and history of Mongolia. Accidental way-crossing of alpine wild lives focused on the same topic for discussion. The west Altai is anyway the habitat of rare species such as snow leopard, Argali, sheep and Ibex. Gorkhi Terelj national park and the high plateau in the Huvsgul area are dreamland for our trekking with the  smell of Larchtrees and incredible landscape. All this will leave you unforgetable memories as part of your life.

Riding tours

The horse riders find Mongolia as their dreamland. No matter if you cannot ride.  In that case we will teach you how to ride.  For riding experience is it enough to be highly interested in, and to have courage. Only for a horse trekking you should already have a certain riding experience. The horses are very gentle and robust, you will not have difficulties even with few practices. Your horse guide take care of you well and will focus on your ability, which you bring with. For advanced riders we give chances to show your talent to ride like the steppe wind ...

Camelriders do not need to bring riding experience for this riding tours. Your camelguide will care you and instructs you as well.

We arrange riding tours in chosen beautiful places with many attractions in all part of Mongolia. Our trekking is through the pictorial landscape. Also the daily life of nomads, accidentally way-crossing of wild animals makes your journey more interesting. In the mentioned regions you will explore the variety of an impressing landscape by horse. You ride by close ravines, river valleys, mountain hills, far steppe, sand desert, grass steppes, forest and gentle meadows and explore thereby wonderful mountains, lakes and unforgettable sunset. All this will leave you unforgetable memories as part of your life.

Biking tours

Our bikers have to drive widest choice, like the width of the country. In central Mongolia you follow the history of Mongolia with harmonic accompaniment of changeful natural beauty by biking tours and visit the ruins of the Turkish states and capitalcity of the Great Mongol Empire Karakorum.

Where the biking tours start, is a small sand dune Bayangobi as nice little oasis. A large significant part of the biking tours is the everyday life of nomads. In the north and central Mongolia have the nomads age old traditions to make Airag, fermented mare’s milk, which you must taste.

Very diverse the landscapes of Mongolia and the country overall is an excellent terrain for biking tours. In avarage you have up to 60km distance every biking day. You see different regions on the way of our biking route.

The various sections we break on refreshing rest days in beautiful places to enjoy intensely the solitude of nature and we have opportunity again and again to meet native's and local families.

Fishing Tours

The aggressive fish Taimen is a challenge of professional and amateur fisher. Fly fishing offers an accompanying experience more for every fisher. You have the possibility in every casts of catching large Salmon including also principal capitals and perhaps your dream Huchu Huchu Taimen of your life.

For wonderful Fly fishing, the rivers are mostly excellently suitable. This first-class Huchu Huchu Taimen is generally casted only with the fly and all fish are expected to be "catch and release". The Huchu Huchu Taimen loves large flies, the best with many merged glitter effects. They attack for the flies with preference and curiosity and the bite effects with large force. Not every casts lead success. With the twisting intuitive feeling is necessary to pull out.

Many Huchu Huchu Taimen go lost or missed the fly with their curious attack. In average after three or four fish contacts, it succeeds catching a Huchen. The average length of the Huchen (Taimen) is 80 centimeters, but they grow up to truthfully principal capitals in Mongolia, is still impressive. Pretty often the fish are over a meter long. The completely large capital achieves a gigantic length of to 1.5 meters.

Mongolia is rich at large rivers and lakes with clear water. The Darkhad sink is rich of fish, in their about 300 small lakes and many rivers. It is absolute dream of fishers. For fishers, there are suggestions of different rivers and lakes in the north, as EG, Schischgid, Selenge, or, Delger and also Tsagaan Nuur lake. Many extinct volcano's bring the nature a magnificent view in Orkhon valley and Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur, where is also possible to fish.

The Ugii lake and the strongly flowing rivers Orkhon, Chuluut are rather rich of fish. These are already a major destination for fishers. We will suggest two-week routes for you  as our guest by your preference, where you want to fish. Our mutual co-operation makes us to arrange an unforgettable fishing route for you.            


The glaciers and the snow-covered summits over 4000m in Altai Tavan Bogd, MunkhKhairkhan, Tsambagarav, Sutai, Harhiraa are grandiose summits in west Mongolia. It is particularly well-suitable for mountain climbers and amateurs. Except these nature sightseeing and panorama offer the Alp’s fauna and flora a fascinating alternative for tourists. Our  mountaineering expeditions do not lose the old traditions and the everyday life of nomads. The rare kinds of animals such as Snow leopard, Argali sheep, Ibex, Maral stag and more wild find their habitats in majestic high Altai Mountain. We organize for you a mountaineering journey to the highest summits in Tavan Bogd, Munkh Khairkhan and Tsambagarav.

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