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The proud nation mongolians prevailed the half world in history. Later Mongolia were until 1911 over 220 years under Manchu regent. The reason to become weaker, was the introduction of the Buddhism. For the successful introduction of the buddhism they built innumerable monasteries and temple's at attractively beautiful areas. By the communist purge of 1930 years approximately over 900 monasteries and temple's were destroyed. Some of really true works of art are still received, kept and also restored. Some of them are belonging to the world cultural heritage. Nowadays you see many ruine's of ancient monasteries and temples.

Today in Mongolian were built also some more magnificent temples, monasteries and Buddha statues by donations from the religious people.

Nomads lifestyle

You drive through the country and often leave much time with the native nomads family, to explore the nomads lifestyle. The mystery of their life is in the bioproducts. The life of the nomads runs between two suns without hecticness. To hold the animals is their most important task. They produce everyday bioproducts of milk, from the quark till milk wine, which you should have to test. The winter and spring bring some worries for approaching the breeders. The most important  thing is the weather. The nomads has to estimate certain rules to tell the weather before months, which is really more important. The co-operation of the nomads help to overcome the difficulties. The hospitality of the mongolian nomads is extraordinary. Which simple and interesting lifestyle they have, will you  explore here in the country. During the visit of a nomads family you have possibilities to have conversation with them, to put questions and to take a short riding route or similar activities. The animals on free nature offer always lively photo scenes for tourists. Also different part of our journey is excellent with alternating landscapes and interesting highlights. Also often your way crossing wild animals are most interesting.

Photo tours

The country looks endless large. To the selected beautiful places you drive through changeful landscapes with incredible panoramas. Also many historical places, monasteries, ruins also the everyday life of nomads, unexpected happening of wild animals and multicolored flower world are inseparable parts of our photo tours. We never miss a beautiful moment in our way. Our photo tours take you to the most important interesting highlights of the country. We prefer the best of panorama's for photo and film. We do from  the typical offered journeys. We arrange the photo and film journey from as normal photo tours to explicit photo and film making tours.  Where is what?

Incredible west Altai mountains with eternally snow, glaciers and great chain lakes, close ravines and mountains, the different traditions, way of life of different ethnic groups, the endless width of the steppe and the desert Gobi, desert flora, great moving dune, confines ravines and mountains, spectacular mountain scenes, crystal clear seas and rivers, taiga, sleeping volcanic mountains, edelweiss meadow, ravines and mountains, the unique life of Tsaatan, reindeer breeder, shaman, enormous levels bordered by noble hills, edelweiss meadow, mountain chain of Changai and waterfall.

Wild animal existence: Golden eagles, vulture, small rodent, snow leopard, Argali of sheep, ibex, steppe eagle, wild horses, Gobibaer, wild ass, wild camels and gazelle etc.

Highlights of the journey:

- Color play, light and shade with the clouds

- Direct contact with the native's, visits of nomads in their gers, their everyday lives

- Cultural highlights, naadamfestival and also the events contained in our program, visit of nomads in their gers

- Visit of concerts with typical music and dance demonstrations

- Wild animal observations

- Buddhist monasteries, Shaman

- Contrasts in the city and in the country

- Very good food supply!

The offered journey is a landscape and a cultural journey.

We travel by very remote areas and need therefore the appropriate logistic preparations and area knowledge.

We are accompanied of excellent connoisseurs of the area and the cultural peculiarities their inhabitants!

The distances are partly difficult and therefore we go also times only slowly towards. How also at other places the travel is here sometimes expeditionary!

We strive however to combine regular breaks with walks and small hiking. Also occasional riding is an alternative. You will join our sustainable photo tours.


For ethnography tours you have very good choice in Mongolia. In Mongolia live since generations over 22 different ethnic groups, which live mainly in the west Altai. The ethnography tours in west Altai make it possible to you, how carried the traditions and culture of nomads.

And the kazakh's, which came immigrated for approximately 150 years to these mountain regions, forms an only one national minority. They have an age-old tradition to hunt with eagle. This pickling hunt is experienceful. In northern mongolia live the Tsaatan, reindeer breeders. They are turkish people, which live is a mysterious life and still today live in the wooden tents from birch on high taiga. In the northeast live the Buryats, which also emphasizes strong accents and maintain their own culture and tradition. The main existence Khalkha Mongol live generally everywhere in country. The difference of ethnic groups are rather salient and suit very good for ethnography tours. Unbelievably similar however clearly different way of life, tradition and culture maintain these people. By our ethnographical tours you explore the lifestyle and their salient characteristics of the respective ethnic group.


You look forward to a pleasant jeepsafaris of all adventure's in Mongolia. We focused on the desert Gobi, Westaltai, Huvsgul lake and the ruins of the former capitals of the Great Mongolian Empire and nomadic culture.

You experience all highlights of the culture, landscape of this region. All the time into which nature zones you travel you do not miss highlights. Jeepsafairs make possible for you within a short time rather to experience more. The meals in the middle of nature, or also spontaneous visit of a nomads will bring you also unforgettable impressions.

Through Mongolia - with the jeep off the mass tourism in the country of the Chingis Khaan. To the incredible desert Gobi, to the Altai mountains and in the Chingis Khaans's empire. Desert expeditions, beauty of landscape, cultural highlights and a varied animal world guarantee you an unforgettable travel experience by our jeepsafari.

At the families we meet the native nomads and win inestimable impressions of their lifestyle and traditions. Eternally blue sky, juicy steppes, expanded desert and the nomads life of amazing varieties impressed the Mongolia.


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