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Lunar New Year

The expiration of this three-day-long "Lunar New Year" celebration depends on centuries-old rites and you should have the opportunity to be thereby. The people greet each other, by reaching their hands enough mutually.

The typical expressions of the nomads greeting says: The old year passes the new year comes? How the foal and calve the winter overstayed?

For this "Lunar New Year" festival day takes place wrestling at the previous evening in the wrestling arena and horse racing at the 3.th day of the new year in Mongolia. The horse racing takes place at minus 20-25C. The Jockeys are children. The buddhist supporters go to temple and to ovoos, in order to pray for the family for new year. On the first day of the new year many people strive to look the first sunrise and to say their desire. For this purpose drive some drive far away from the city. All temple's will be full of people in beautiful colorful traditional deels in first 15 days of the new year, because the people will come to pray for the new year. The sunrise of the new year is very important for the whole year. We organize for you a "Tsagaan sar - Lunar New Year" journey in Mongolia.

Camel festival

Beside the  camelfestival there are visit of native's, in order to experience, how is the everyday way of life. The two humped camels live mainly in China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. We call them dromedary. In the south of Mongolia lies under eternally blue sky the far endless steppe with removed far mountain chains as motherland of different wild animals including such as Gobibaer, wild camels, mongolian gazelle and wild ass. The nomads in the Gobi breed mainly camels etc. They use the camels often and particularly everywhere for the removal of traditional gers. Thus camels are inseparable part of mongolian nomads. Newly for some years we organize in Mongolia camel festival, in order to recruit the camels, which is important for the camel breed. The camels in the evaluations are nominated like most beautiful camel, fastest camel of camel running, and most skillful camel of the camel polo. The festival takes place in Bulgan Sum of province Umnugobi. That is much admitted travel area in mongolia by its gigantic cemeteries of the dinosaurs, flaming cliffs, vulture ravine and moving dune's.

Ice festival

The ice festival is as trip in the cold winter, in order to breathe fresh air, ideal on the ice of the Huvsgul lake. The Ice festival is accompanied with many traditional games, cultural program, shamans and lamas consultation and telling future etc. The ethnic group of tsaatan and darkhad of people maintain still today the shamanism. Over 1700m above sea level lying Huvsgul lake froze over from January to May. Peoples belonging to different ethnic groups live here at home: khalkh mongolians, buriyats and few tsaatan families, reindeer breeder. They live in the high taiga and forest steppe, retain the culture of their ancestors, which are based on shaman and reindeer breeding. This traditional way of life is depending of retaining an intact environment. Yearly organize the native's this festival around the Huvsgul lake. For them is it a chance to be met everybody, if the hard winter time gives way. The people come by horse sledge and jeeps from all directions. There are competitions in carriages, horse sledge, rope pulling on the ice. Included is Japanese SUMO - on ice, very popular. The participants like sun lights on the ice and the panoramic Horidol Saridag mountain. In addition are possibilities to visit the reindeer breeder.

Naadam festival

Naadam festival takes place in the summer between 11th and 13th July in all administrative centers of Mongolia. The largest national festival you see take of course in capital Ulaanbaatar place. Also famous wrestler, contractors and the well-known running horses come from all corners of the country and meet here. All participants in wrestling, archery, knuckle bone shooting and horse trainer strive to become a higher title. That makes the festival fearfully. The reactions of the mongolians at each game is so salient that you think how important is the festival for them. If you want to read more detailed please, look in the side under 'Mongolia Culture Naadam". It is the largest rider festival of the world and each time a large spectacle, if the nomads populate the city here with their horses.

Our Naadam festival tours contain much more than just the festival. The biggest part of naadam  festival tours focused on land and people.

Eagle hunting festival

In the remote west of the Mongolia there is still, the pickling hunt by eagle. The kazakh's, which immigrated approximately 150 years before into Mongolia, here in the Altai mountains, carry this tradition. Where under the eternally blue sky enormous snow-covered summits of the Altai mountains rise, takes in late autumn regularly an eagle hunting festival in Bayan Ulgii province place. That is announcing the begin of hunting season for eagle hunter, because in warm months it is not possibly to hunt by eagle. The eagle festival begins with the beginning of set out of eaglehunters and huntingsets and eagles. Then the hunting eagles are evaluated depending upon skill of eagle and the festival are accompanied by age-old traditional games of kazakh nomads. The hunters leave eagles from a high positioned rock free, during the owner from downside calls their eagle to themselves thereby their eagle land on owners arm , how it is typical on hunting. That is evaluated depending upon fastest time, and skill with most points. Further this festival is accompanied with kazakh national game kekbar. Two teams fight to become a goat skin. The winner throws it by his choice on a ger, so that this family becomes hosts for all participants. In the evening the festival ends with a celebration dostarkhan in the host family, where winner throws the goat skin.

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