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Special interested tours

Family tours

For the families with children we offer pleasant family tours with more individual time without hecticness. Insatiable curiosity of your children are partly satisfied by nomads children and also by the fantastical landscape. The peace of the country gives everyone a lot of power.

The different life in the strange country will be for children an absolutely new discovery. The different life of children under completely different living conditions is incomparable to western civilization. The children learn many things and experience much by patriotic family tours with parents. Also on the way riding sometimes will be more genuine experience for the children.

The nomadic way of life will show you much cultural difference, where the children get real experience and learn even then much new.

Not only cultural differences but also the varied natural beauty give to the children a lot of energy because we prefer national parks with many attractions for our family tours.

Study tours

Our study tours are specialized and offer variety. Often, scientists and students will combine their theoretical knowledge with practice.

The Gobi Desert contains numbers of cemeteries from the giant dinosaur. Mongolia belongs to the paleontology very well researched countries in Asia. Paleontology enthusiasts are often perpetuated in the Jurassic Park in Mongolia.

The main attractions are not only the Dinosauriergrabstaetten furthermore not less scientifically significant petrified trees, plants, birds, eggs, nests and fossilized animal groups of different insects, invertebrates, fish, mammals from 200-300 million years ago.

You walk through the ancient Jurassic Park and surprise in the tombs, the remains and stoned tracks. We lead our paleontoligy oriented study tours through the famous paleontology areas in mongolia.

The Valley of the Great Lakes in the westmongolia is located on route of summerbirds and with its many lakes and rivers a dream place for birdwatcher. We lead our ornithological oriented study tours on the lakes such as Khar Us Nuur, Chyargas, Uvs and along the rivers Zavchan, Khovd and Buyant. In the valley of the lakes Buun Zagaan Nuur and Ulaan Nuur, Orog Nuur are on route of summerbirds. In the East, the birds collect at Ganga Nuur Lake in the autumn. The lakes Sangiin Dalai Nuur, Ugii nuur and Orkhon rivers, Chuluut, Tuul, etc. are rich on fish and Paradise for the summer-birds.

Our study tours are not limited by this listed tours, we open the door also for historians and botanists.

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