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Mongolian Visa

Before traveling to Mongolia, you have to be clear about whether you really need a visa to Mongolia or whatever it costs, etc.

In the following web page to see all information concerning Mongolian visas.


9. Type "J" visa is applied to foreign citizen or stateless person visiting Mongolia as tourist Irrespective of his / her passport type;

Currancy and Credit cards

Mongolian Tugrik national Waehrungseinheit means. All Mongolian banks and bureaux de change foreign currency and keep ready are generally Monday to Friday open from 9.00 am-19.00 clock. In larger towns and at airports located ATMs, where ticket holders can easily withdraw money.

The current daily exchange rate Mongolian Tugrik be seen in the following website:

You will almost never (mostly only in larger shops in the capital Ulaanbaatar) Mongolia accepted. The most common cards are VISA and MASTERCARD.

Weather / Clothes

Mongolia has a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. Be prepared for the fact that the weather is changeable. Under given conditions, the regional weather is very different.

 You get on the Internet weather forecast in time. You see more in

Because the weather is changeable in Mongolia, you should bring warm clothes, rain coat and walking shoes. If you are planning a camping trip or highlands, you need to take warm underwear and socks, rubber boots and a warm sleeping bag.

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